Best Places to Shop in Goa


Goa has a lot to offer in terms of shopping and even an inadvertent shopper will suffer from pathological buyers’ guilt once their shopping is done; such is the compelling nature of merchandising in Goa. One can chose from clothing off the streets to the international brands and haute couture available in select stores across the state of Goa.

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Handicrafts, curios, shell work, Goan artifacts, bamboo work etc. as well as items available in the various government emporia are simply enticing. Food items, various traditional Goan sweets, masalas, Goa’s staple drink cashew fenny, as well as cashew nuts are also worth the buy for the connoisseurs of good food and drink. Herbal and ayurvedic products, traditional beauty treatments, healing and soothing oil massages, henna designing, are other avenues a visitor can indulge in with complete abandon.

Arjuna Beach

Arjuna is famous Wednesday Market. More than thousands of stalls are present in this market sells popular things in Goa. Arjuna beach is extremely famous amongst foreigner where beachwear, trinkets, trinket sold at the affordable price by doing bargaining. At Arjuna beach there are good restaurant are also present so that one can chill out after doing shopping. Arjuna is amongst the good Goa Shopping places and Goa markets for pleasing shopping experience


Mapusa is also one of the good shopping places amongst the other Goa shopping places. Friday market Mapusa is one of the great Goa Markets where shops sell old coins, spices, curious and dried fish.

Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar

Ingo’s Saturday night bazaar is a weekend market for liquor and food. People with blithe attitude dance on the beats of music for cheerful time.

Casa Goa

It is one of the fashionable boutiques with a variety of designer clothes which is made by famous designer Wendell Rodericks.


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