Dancing Benefits you Emotionally and Mentally


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A Smarter You

Yes, this is true. You can become a tad bit smarter than you already are if you dance on a regular basis. This is interesting, isn’t it? Dancers are known to be ‘body thinkers’. They are said to be kinesthetically intelligent. While dancing, some of the crucial parts of the brain get activated. This ultimately leads to good decision-making capabilities if there are regular utilization and exercise of these brain functions. Psychologists are of the opinion that dancing might lead to the opening of new pathways present in the brain, which helps in better absorption of novel information.

A Shapely Brain

What? Dancing will help keep my brain in shape. I knew it that if I dance regularly, I will shed a few kilos, but how will the shape of brain be affected by dancing? Dancing helps keep the brain and associated faculties stay in shape. For the purpose of brain health, opt for memorized dance steps and motions. While matching music with steps, your brain gets a good workout. It even results in increased circulation of blood. You will be surprised to know that this even helps in reducing the chances of dementia, aging and even loss of memory.

Improved Concentration

After dancing for some time, I feel energetic and enthusiastic. This helps me in concentrating on my work. For instance, what would have taken 30 minutes; I can easily complete it in 18-20 minutes after a round of dancing. My attention span has improved drastically post taking dancing as an activity. Dancing helps improve the functioning of the brain and thereby increases the ability of concentration.

A Great Antidepressant

Dancing elevates mood. People who feel lonely and depressed should take up dancing for several benefits. It even helps in cases of anxiety. After a stressful day at work or during bouts of low self –esteem, dancing is something that has been a great help. People who find it difficult to cope should definitely take up dancing to notice the transformation.

An Extrovert You

Get out of the cocoon with dancing. It not only opens up your mind but makes you connect with people easily. You will be able to make friends easily. Moreover, if you are going through a low phase with a friend or partner, take up dancing classes together. You will not only learn something but will also be able to resolve differences that had crept up in the relationship.

A Fun Therapy

The word therapy sounds boring. But when you take up dancing as a therapy, you will not only enjoy the journey but the results as well. Dancing helps alleviate several mental ailments. It keeps both mind and body fresh. Many believe that each body has some kind of music playing inside. If you concentrate on that music and dance to the rhythms of it, you will feel good and happy. Above all, dancing is like a meditation, which you can enjoy whenever you feel like.


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