Lesser Known Facts about the region of Tuscany


All of us have hoped for an Italian holiday at some point in our life. We want to see the place where the intellectuals created their masterpieces. There are several rivers at the place along with other scenic terrains. The most notable things of Italy are the architectural sites which have been preserved in its age. Booking luxury holidays in Tuscany can give a person the time of their life. So, we should tell you a bit more about the place. This will help you in relating to it and also let you have a bit more knowledge about the particular place.

About Tuscany:

Tuscany region is situated in central Italy and it covers about 23,000 squares Km of its area. It has a population of 3.8 million. The city of Florence is its capital. It had an important part in setting the culture of Italy. Other than that it is known for its landscapes and buildings. It is a notable place for wine production which is done in several parts of its region. There are several World Heritage sites in Tuscany like the center of Florence, the Cathedral Square of Pisa, and the historical center of Sienna etc. There are 120 nature reserves in the region. The history of it dates back to the Appennini and Villanovan cultures. It was also thought to be the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Several schools of art are also present at this place.

Facts on Tuscany:

It is always nice to learn about the facts about a place as it gives you more information. So, here are some nice facts that you will love to know about Tuscany:

  • The city of Florence is the place where the Italian language came into being. The Florentine dialect became more popular and people started to adapt it into their lives.

  • People who love meat will love Tuscany. The region has some of the best meats like the Florentina steak and cured meat. You can also try something interesting which is boiled cow’s stomach which they call Lampredotto. They have fried brains as well for extra crunchiness.

  • When we think of Tuscany we generally imagine lush green fields. But that idea is contrasted by the Accona desert present in the South of Sienna. You can find marble quarries in the Apuan Alps and the Orbetello lagoon is a scenic destination of the south.

  • Pinocchio was actually born in the Tuscany region. The character was created by Carlo Collodi who was born in Florence. He gave life to the story by writing a book which later gained fame throughout the world.

  • The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa is situated in the region of Tuscany. It leans because of the heavy weight being put on a marshland. But still, it stands today. It isn’t the only leaning structure in the area. There are several church bell towers that have been leaning for a very long time.

  • Tuscany was the first in Europe to build pavements. The task was done in 1339 and it quickly followed to the rest of Italy and then Europe.

  • Mount Amiata forms the ski resort of Tuscany in the winter. It shows the contrast between the ever-present Mediterranean climates of most of the areas.

  • People like to call Tuscany the Nation within a Nation because of the diversity in art and culture of the place. That is the reason why several tourists flock to the region every year.

  • The Marble Arch that we find in London between the corners of Park Lane and Oxford Street originates from Tuscany.

  • There are several private beaches in Tuscany so you may need to pay a visit to enjoy the ocean.

  • There are several UNESCO world heritage sites in Tuscany and it leaves behind the numbers present in Australia or South Africa.

  • You will find Michelangelo’s David in Tuscany. Along with that, there are other great artworks like ‘The Birth of Venus’ by Botticelli. You will also find amazing art pieces in churches and historical buildings present in the region.

  • Tuscany is known for its wine. The most known is the Chianti, but it isn’t the only one. Other great wines include the Supertuscans which were a result of making the wine from grapes originating in the Bolgheri region. Tuscany definitely produces some of the well-known red wines of Italy.

  • Tuscany has been the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. So, naturally, it was a hub for educated people. Dante Alighieri was a man from Tuscany and he wrote the Divine Comedy. Other than that there were people like Fibonacci, Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Botticelli. Even the famous sailor Amerigo Vespucci was from Florence.

  • An interesting fact about Tuscany and Italy is that there is no restriction on the drinking age. But a bar or restaurant cannot serve you alcohol until you are of 16.

So, here are some of the amazing facts that you should know about Tuscany. When you reach the region you will be amazed to see the number of places that you need to visit. Every city or town has its own history. Along with that, they have done a good job of preserving the important historical sites. Make sure to see everything with minute details and remember our facts. We are sure that you will enjoy a nice holiday in the Tuscany region.


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