The Spectacular Dudhsagar Falls Near By Goa


How to reach Dudhsagar falls 

Dudhsagar Falls is the second highest waterfall in India and proved to be a real challenge to get to. The road which would normally take you there by Jeep was washed out by heavy monsoon rainfall and a raging river was now flowing over it. Alternately, we hired several motorbike riders to take us up to the falls. The ride up was on a very narrow path along the loose gravel of the railway tracks, over several makeshift log spans. We even had a collision between two of the three bikes. After about half an hour we had made it as far as we could and had to hike the rest of the way along the tracks in the rain. Several hours of walking later (and scrambling to get out of the way of oncoming trains in tunnels) we made it to the falls which were spectacular.

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Option 1 –

Drive to Caste Rock. (It seems to be a fantastic drive).
Hitch a ride in one of the goods train to the falls.
Visit falls and then hitch a ride in another goods train to Kulem.
Take any regular train back to Castle Rock.

Option 2 –

1) Drive to Kulem.
2) There are two trains daily which stops at Dudhsagar on the way up. At 0830 in the morning and at 1630 in the evening. The train stops in the station for hardly a minute.
3) On Thursdays and Sundays, there’s a train at 1100 hrs which can take you back also if you get dropped by the 0830 train.
4) The train journey is around 30 minutes.

5) You have to purchase a ticket to Castle rock station (which is the next authorised station).
However, you need to get down at Dudhsagar waterfalls station (14 Kms).

6) The train has a very brief halt and you should jump out of the train during that halt.
There is no platform and you would be getting down onto the mettle on the tracks. If travelling with kids and elders, cater for that in your disembarkation plans.
You could probably request fellow passengers to help you get down.

7) The return regular train which stops at Dudhsagar is only in the evening.
However, you can request the guard/ engine driver of the goods trains which plies in the route for a drop to Kulem.
They generally oblige happily. Some allows free of cost and some would be happy to get some tips.

8) All goods trains which comes down the slope from Castle Rock station towards Kulem stops at Dudhsagar for brake testing.
But trains which go up the hill doesn’t stop anywhere except their final destination.
So getting a drop at Dudhsagar on the up train is not a possibility, but getting a hitch on the goods train from the falls to Kulem is a sure bet.

However, the frequency of these trains is questionable. I was told that goods trains come down every half an hour. But, during my visit which spanned close to two hours, I saw only one.

Goods train entering tunnel


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